Friday, April 15, 2011

This morning....

Okay, so I decided to start this blog because I've had several dreams in the last week that were very real. Last week I dreamed I was shot 8 times. It was so real, I woke up feeling for holes in my body. This morning I woke up as needles were injected in my arms for execution. So I thought maybe I should start getting some of these feelings out and figure out this "stuff". Here's what I think is going on. Yesterday I read the procedure for legally murdering someone in this state. It deeply troubled me the details that are documented for doing such a horrific thing to another human being. But this being a state that still practices the archaic practice of dehumanizing people, I suppose step by step procedures should be documented.

That said, it was still a very difficult read to think of the steps taken before this horrible action. And so I guess that is the reason for my nightmare.

Looking back at last week's dream and then last night's dream, I suppose I'm experiencing, psychologically at least, the feelings of a victim of violent crime AND then the feelings of a person condemned. I don't know, that just makes sense to me since I've been put in a position to really defend and stand by my convictions about the death penalty.

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