Friday, April 15, 2011

Crazy crazy day!

Wow! Weather got nasty quickly. Tornado touched down and headed towards hubby's work. Mom and sister were gone to DRS. appt for my mom. I messaged them to see where they were and let hubby know what was going on. Then cell phones went dead; no calls could be placed, no text messages sent. My mom, sister and hubby were right in the path and I couldn't get them. Finally sister msgd me that they were okay but still nothin from hubby. I was a MESS when I got to my dr appt. I decided to go ahead and go because I was afraid I would need something to calm my nerves. See we just went through this New Year's Eve when my sister's home was destroyed by that tornado. I was in nearly full blown panic attack when I got to the doctor and she certainly noticed. Wanted to put me on Zanax; went back to other meds instead. Thank goodness! Here's a pic of sister's home after all debris was cleared.

Finally got word from my sister that she had gotten a text from hubby and he is okay. Got home this afternoon and hugged and hugged him. So grateful! Praying for all that were affected by today's storms.

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