Friday, April 15, 2011

Crazy crazy day!

Wow! Weather got nasty quickly. Tornado touched down and headed towards hubby's work. Mom and sister were gone to DRS. appt for my mom. I messaged them to see where they were and let hubby know what was going on. Then cell phones went dead; no calls could be placed, no text messages sent. My mom, sister and hubby were right in the path and I couldn't get them. Finally sister msgd me that they were okay but still nothin from hubby. I was a MESS when I got to my dr appt. I decided to go ahead and go because I was afraid I would need something to calm my nerves. See we just went through this New Year's Eve when my sister's home was destroyed by that tornado. I was in nearly full blown panic attack when I got to the doctor and she certainly noticed. Wanted to put me on Zanax; went back to other meds instead. Thank goodness! Here's a pic of sister's home after all debris was cleared.

Finally got word from my sister that she had gotten a text from hubby and he is okay. Got home this afternoon and hugged and hugged him. So grateful! Praying for all that were affected by today's storms.

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off to the doctor today -- nasty nasty weather!

Been working really hard to get my house (and life) organized. I really want to have my own personal scrapbook space and I am so close. I plan to have that done this weekend. Hubby is even going to build me a table for that room. Pictures soon. 

This morning....

Okay, so I decided to start this blog because I've had several dreams in the last week that were very real. Last week I dreamed I was shot 8 times. It was so real, I woke up feeling for holes in my body. This morning I woke up as needles were injected in my arms for execution. So I thought maybe I should start getting some of these feelings out and figure out this "stuff". Here's what I think is going on. Yesterday I read the procedure for legally murdering someone in this state. It deeply troubled me the details that are documented for doing such a horrific thing to another human being. But this being a state that still practices the archaic practice of dehumanizing people, I suppose step by step procedures should be documented.

That said, it was still a very difficult read to think of the steps taken before this horrible action. And so I guess that is the reason for my nightmare.

Looking back at last week's dream and then last night's dream, I suppose I'm experiencing, psychologically at least, the feelings of a victim of violent crime AND then the feelings of a person condemned. I don't know, that just makes sense to me since I've been put in a position to really defend and stand by my convictions about the death penalty.

Capital Punishment and how I feel about it!

People harm others just because! People have accidents all the time and people cause accidents all the time. Unfortunately, people die from those accidents whether it’s a car, gun, whatever. People also reach the end of their rope and snap; they plan to harm or hurt another and they should be punished. Many of those people are suffering from mental illness but that's an entirely different subject. But strapping another human to a table and knowingly inserting needles in their arm to inject what will eventually stop their heart is murder. It may not be considered the gruesome blood and guts but it's still the planned killing of someone. In fact, it would fall into premeditated.

I think it's completely normal that one would want to bring harm to the person they feel responsible for harming their loved one. I've given this a lot of thought myself and though initially the feelings of rage would most certainly be there, I know that God would be with me to help me deal. With that said, there's a whole different family that comes into play -- the family of the person who has been charged with the crime. How is taking that person's life going to impact that family? It's not going to bring back my loved one. It's not going to change one thing in my circumstances. But the family of the person we believe responsible now has to also live with what has happened and wonder why their loved one would do this IF, in fact, they did.

One thing we must all remember; DNA advancement is finding more and more people who've been convicted of crimes INNOCENT. And for each person who has DNA to prove their innocense, there's hundreds that don't have any DNA available to them.

Interestingly, in many cases the person convicted has admitted guilt but on further examination we find a system that is less concerned about convicting the right person and more concerned about getting a conviction. How does our society ever pay back the years taken from an innocent person? We can't! But if they are alive we can set them free. We can allow them to return to their families to live their life. However, once society has "lawfully" murdered that person and then whoops he didn't do it, we can't give them their life back. We can't bring back a father, son, mother, grandmother, whatever the case may be. It's better to spend that money on more productive things such as education and stopping the vicious cycle that is becoming all too common in this Country. There are families on both sides of that fence -- families of victims, families of the one accused who need help. There are children involved who need help dealing with the circumstances whether it’s the victim's side or the accused. It's a huge problem that needs to be addressed.

Capital punishment does not deter crime. In most states where capital punishment is no longer legal and hasn't been for some time, the crime rate is lower than in those states that do impose capital punishment. Those statistics can be found on the website for the Innocence Project which pulls the data from the Department of Justice. So based on that -- let me take you back to the families on both sides and the what if -- what if that person is NOT guilty? Never mind that there's a human being involved and the moral issue but what if? Is the state now going to be responsible for the "lawful" premeditated murder of an innocent person?

My heart breaks for families of both the victim and the accused. It's a vicious violent cycle that the State perpetuates by allowing the "lawful killing" (murder) of human beings. That's my opinion and I don't see it changing. And that's what makes our country what it is, the right to have our opinions. I just pray that we can become more civilized and advance to a system that doesn't kill other human beings. I also encourage everyone to really think about this matter. Look at the statistics and think about what is best for EVERYONE! God bless and I love you even if we don't agree. It is what it is!